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Reality is defined as the true nature of the universe. 
The Basic Tenets of our Order are based upon that definition.

Many times, our perceptions of the universe around us can lead us to make incorrect assumptions. ---An example of this is when early man saw the sun rise, cover the sky then set on the opposite horizon. They assumed that the sun circled the flat and unmoving earth. --- As we now know, the Earth orbits the sun, wobbling ever so slightly due to the moons influence, while the sun itself moves thru our galaxy. 
Acceptance of this subset of Reality allows us to no longer believe in other past myths such as:      
- - - - - The God Apollo makes our daily light by pulling his golden bright fiery chariot across the sky. 
- - - - - The stars are holes in a dark shell that covers the earth and is moved by some giant God. 
- - - - - The earth is flat and supported by a giant turtle and if you sail too far, you will fall off the edge of the earth and be eaten by dragons and monsters. 
We no longer believe in these myths because we have determined the truth of this subset of reality. We have gone into space and seen the truth for ourselves. Once we find and accept the reality of the earths true motion thru space, we can build on that knowledge of reality and go on to correctly explain the motion of other objects in our sky and even successfully send space craft to other planets in our solar system. So, what does this say about the Orders beliefs of various deity and Gods? It says that the Order approaches ALL subsets of reality the same. So far, we cannot see gravity, does not mean gravity does not exist? Of course not. The same can be said about God. Just because we cannot see God, does not mean he / she does not exist. But that also means we cannot automatically be sure God does exist. The topic requires more than just a flippant comment. 
To understand the Orders thoughts on this matter, you will have to read more about our tenets and how they are used to make since of the the Universe.